Child-proofing an iPad

One of the greatest tools for Archers development lately has been his iPad. iPads, iPhones and the associated technology are such an ingrained part of our culture, and many kids are seemingly born knowing how to use them.

However, as great as iPads are, there are issues that can arise with giving your children free reign a new iPad. I’ve decided to go over some tips to help prevent things like bill shock, as well as tightening up the privacy and security of your child’s device.

Make your child a seperate iCloud account.
Setting up a new iCloud account is very easy. You can do this by creating a free email account for your child using a free email client like Gmail, or create a free account on the iPad itself. Giving your child their own iCloud identity is very handy, as you can separate apps and other purchases between iPad/iPhones.


Set up a family account.
With family sharing set up, up to 6 people in your family can share each others purchases without sharing accounts. This means, that (if it’s supported by the app) if one person purchases an app/book/music, others on the same family account can download the purchase without being charged again. You can also create a child account for your toddler, restricting them from buying anything from the iTunes/app stores without first getting permission from a parent account.

Use Restrictions.
Under the general tab in settings, there’s a setting called ‘Restrictions’. From here, you can turn off things like access to the iTunes store, and FaceTime, as well as disallowing in-app purchases and installing/deleting apps. To get back to these settings, its as simple as setting a 4-digit code to allow changes to the restriction settings. This setting is very handy so your child doesn’t rack up hundreds of dollars of in-app purchases.

Using an iPad case.
This is the most important item on this list. Children, especially those with special needs, often don’t realise the value or cost associated with having their very own iPad, and therefore aren’t the most careful with them. I recommend on spending at least $100 on a good quality case. Brands like Otterbox, Griffen, or Lifeproof make sturdy high-end cases that can withstand drops from anywhere up to 6ft, as well as protecting against dust and scratches.

So there we are, a few tips about how to toddler/child-proof an iPad. Obviously, all of the examples I’ve given are for iOS only, as I’m not familiar in the functions and operations of android devices. It would be worth looking into the settings of an android device to see if there are any similar settings to those listed here.

I hope these tips help, if you have any further questions about any of the points I’ve raised here, feel free to ask me below, or catch me on twitter.

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7 thoughts on “Child-proofing an iPad

  1. Karen, the next best thing to mummy

    There are some great ideas here that I haven’t thought of in my blog post about being addicted to tablets and ipads#blogginggoodtime@_karendennis
    Karen, the next best thing to mummy recently posted…Bedtime Routines 2My Profile


  2. Ann from Rainbows are too beautiful

    Great tips -we have survivor cases and still get the odd mishaps. #ablogginggoodtime


  3. Imperfect Mum

    Really great tips! A good case is essential with kids and we definitely have those restrictions set too. Thank you for linking up to #ablogginggoodtime


  4. Emily

    Great tips. My girls don’t play on iPads, they do have a leapfrog tablet that they play games on now and again though. Thanks for linking up to #ThatFridayLinky


  5. Nige

    Fab advice and tips Thank you for linking to #ThatFridayLinky Please come back next week


  6. Sam - Stressy Mama

    Fantastic tips. My daughter has her own tablet with her own account’s set up so she doesn’t somehow end up in one of our accounts. We also have all the restrictions at to make it as safe as possible for her. #TwinklyTuesday


  7. Jade - Raw Childhood

    Definitely agree with these! We put restriction on from day 1 as well as using a really good case.

    We also put a tempered glass screen protector on it too! #thatfridaylinky


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