LootCrate April Review

I consider myself quite a fan of most things pop-culture. I love movies, Video games, music, comics and anything in between. When I first heard of LootCrate around 3 years ago, I loved the concept. I immediately signed up and eagerly awaited my first delivery.

For those who are unaware of the concept of LootCrate, it’s essentially a monthly subscription box filled with premium and exclusive items and collectables relating to all aspects of pop-culture and geek-culture. Each month, the crates are catered to a particular theme, and for April 2017, the theme was “Investigate”, with the promise of products from the likes of Jessica Jones, The X-Files, Batman, and Stranger Things.

A few of the crates that I’ve received in the past, have had one or two items that I haven’t been that Interested in, with a hit rate of 50%-75%. This crate, however, hit the full 100% and is easily the best crate that I’ve had delivered. I decided to share the contents with you below, and even extend you a $5 off coupon just for stopping by.

  1.  Batman heat changing  mug: 
    This mug is seriously beyond cool. When not in use it features a stark outline of the busy metropolitan of Gotham against the night sky.
    However, when hot liquid is poured in, the scene turns gritty with the green glow of some toxic pollutant. Accompanying this, the Joker’s trademark cackle; as well as the iconic bat signal lighting up the night sky. I simply love this mug, and I’m drinking a strong hot coffee out of it as I type this.
    The concept of heat changing paint has always fascinated me, I distinctly remember as a kid having a little hot-wheels racing car that was painted in a pearlescent heat changing paint and spent a lot of time making it change colour in my hands or in the freezer.
  2. Jessica Jones Q-Vinyl figure.
    I love myself a vinyl figure. I have a collection of (at time of writing) 30 Funko Pop! Vinyl figures, with that collection growing month by month. Now, whilst this figure isn’t a Funko Pop!, it is still very cool, and takes pride of place on my collection shelves. When Jessica Jones first appeared on Netflix, I was excited. A fan of the Marvel Universe, I was looking forward to a darker, grittier take on on that world and a look at more of its lesser known characters. Jessica Jones didn’t disappoint; Jessica herself was a joy to watch on screen, a sarcastic ‘involuntary hero’; her nemesis ‘Kilgrave’ was played masterfully by David Tennant, and the chemistry between the two was beautiful to watch.
  3. X-Files Pencils
    X-Files is one of those series that will stand the test of time when it comes to Sci-Fi drama. A brilliant series, and these pencils perfectly capture the themes and tone of the show. (There were four pencils in the pack, but half the writing on the fourth one had been misprinted, it was supposed to read “Thats why they put the ‘I’ in F.B.I”, however the top portion of the phrase is missing.)
  4. Stranger Things T-shirt
    I’ve left the best thing for last. This item is the single best item I’ve received in a LootCrate to date. Stranger Things, if you haven’t seen it (which you really should. Sign up for a free trial of Netflix and just binge the whole thing, its simply one of the best shows ever made.), it perfectly combines Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Mystery, and Drama amidst the backdrop of small town USA in the 1980’s. Its everything you’d come to expect from the films of Steven Spielberg, Stephen King, John Hughes, as well as 80’s cop movies; all in 8 episodes of 80s themed brilliance. I loved this show as soon as I saw the first episode (as did everyone else who has ever seen it) and now I can show my love of this show on my body in a limited edition T-Shirt.

As I mentioned at the start, I have an exclusive link for you to save $5 off your new subscription to LootCrate. Whilst this amazing crate is no longer available, the theme for next month is ‘Guardians’ with items from Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Wars, the Goonies, and Destiny. If this doesn’t sound like your style, but still want to take advantage of $5 off, they have crates themed towards Gaming, Anime, and even Clothing items. All of which allow you to take advantage of the $5 offer. Simply click the link below to be taken LootCrate, your $5 off will be applied at checkout.


Thanks for stopping by

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The loot crate link provided is from the LootCrate ‘Refer a friend’ program. Each person who signs up using the link above earns me $5 off my next loot crate order. LootCrate did not pay me directly for this post, or any future posts unless specifically stated. Once signed up, you will be able to take advantage of the refer a friend program, where you can get $5 off for each friend you refer. Spread the love, reap the rewards. 

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5 thoughts on “LootCrate April Review

  1. Kimberley | Oh Just My Little Blog

    Looks like a great gift idea for someone you’d otherwise be unsure what to buy for!
    Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next time.
    Kimberley | Oh Just My Little Blog recently posted…Things I was Grateful for in AprilMy Profile


  2. Amy

    These look so cool! My husband would love them!! #kcacols


  3. Tracey Bowden

    Love this box, especially the batman mug! I’m not big on pop culture but my daughter seems to be thanks to her dad and she would love this! #kcacols
    Tracey Bowden recently posted…Redecorating the Front Room? Get the Best Price with these TipsMy Profile


  4. Madeline (This Glorious Life)

    Sounds like the box was a complete hit this month! I think I like the mug the most, it’s so cool! x #KCACOLS


  5. Becky @ Educating Roversi

    I think I like the box b st! So cool! Thanks for joining #KCACOLS


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