2017 Goals!

At the start of last year, I sat down and wrote a blog post with an almost identical title to this one (the only differences being the 7 was a 6, and I was way more naive about the expectations I set myself). This post will be more realistic, and hopefully, more manageable than last years. 

  • Eat better, drink more water.
    One of the biggest problems I have is the temptation of fast food. It has become too easy these days to grab a bite to eat in the drive-thru in town, rather than wait the 15 minutes to get home and make myself something. I aim to eat at least twice a day, and all my food to be prepared at home. As well as eating better, I aim to drink at least 3 litres of water a day. Over the past years I have found myself drinking too much cola, and other sugary drinks. I’m going to replace these drinks with water.
  • Exercise more.
    This one is intentionally vague. My daily average of steps is around 4,500, and I want to double that in the next 6 months, and maintain that level for the rest of the year. I’m going to do things like parking further away from where I need to be and walking the extra distance. As well as that, I’m going to go for more walks. There are so many pretty places around here with walking trails that I want to explore.
  • More reading and more writing.
    I really feel like I’ve let myself down when comes to this blog. I’ve had such big ideas for this blog and I keep getting distracted, or finding myself lacking motivation. I want to start earning money from the blog, and develop some partnerships with companies in the future. I also want to read more. I have a list of books as long as my arm that I want to read, as well as dozens of articles bookmarked on my browser.
  • Develop a better sleep routine.
    My sleep schedule has been haphazard for a good while now. I am going to start getting up at a set time each morning (7:30 weekdays, 8:30 weekends) and start going to bed before midnight each night.

So there you have it. What goals have you set in place for 2017? Did anyone have any success with their 2016 goals? Let me know in the comments below.
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10 thoughts on “2017 Goals!

  1. Sara

    Well, I almost have the same goals as you! In mine I had drink more and exercise more, and I’ve just written a blog post on how mindfulness can help with sleep, having had a rubbish couple of weeks in terms of sleep. My list of books I want to read is as long as my arm as well, and in fact I know I’ll never get to the end of is, as I’ll just keep adding to it! If this can help, with regards to not letting your blog and writing down, I’ve given myself a schedule. I force myself to post each Wednesday and each Sunday. Not because someone expects it, but that’s my commitment to my blog. I thought it was a realistic commitment to make… let’s see. Happy New Year and good luck with all your goals! I hope you can write a similar post next year and say you smashed it! 🙂 #KCACOLS


    1. tassiedad

      I decided that goals like losing (x)kgs weren’t working for me, because I never actually put into place any systems to actually lose the weight.
      I’ll check out your post re: mindfulness, thanks for suggesting it.
      Yeah, I’m gonna develop a posting schedule, because it will help me keep focussed towards my other goals.
      Thanks for stopping by.


  2. Carol

    I try to eat healthy, exercise, and keep a positive attitude. Wishing you success with your goals in 2017. #KCACOLS


    1. tassiedad

      Thank you so much! Thanks for reading. Happy 2017


  3. Emily

    I have some of these on my list too. Eating better and drinking more water is definitely at the top! #wineandboobs


  4. five little doves

    Drink more water is the top of my list!!! I barely drink through the day, it’s such a bad habit and I need to change that! #KCACOLS


  5. emma me and b make tea

    hehe similar goals here too! although the sleep has always been ok here as im so shattered come 9pm most nights. my goal is to stay up past bloody 10pm each night hehe! #KCACOLS
    emma me and b make tea recently posted…6 Business and Marketing Blogs You Should Read Now!My Profile


  6. Becky Clark

    I’m with you on drinking more water and trying to get into a better sleep routine!

    I’ll also probably need to join you with the eating better! I’m on maternity leave until March so I have plenty of time to cook at the moment. Ask me in April and I’ll probably tell you KFC have started to charge me rent!

    Great post and all the best for 2017!
    Becky Clark recently posted…Dry January – why I’m NOT taking partMy Profile


  7. Alan Herbert

    If I was to write a list of personal goals for this year I could just copy and paste this one!

    I’ve developed the perfect “Dad bod” since giving up fags and hitting middle age.

    Sleep has always been poor, and I’m blaming Little Miss OMG as she is terrible as well. Many a night we are up till the wee hours together playing with blocks, reading or watching Ben and Hollie.

    Thanks for linking up to #wineandboobs and good luck with the self improvement
    Alan Herbert recently posted…Candid Cuddles #1My Profile


  8. Sharon Parry

    Totally with you on the more reading and writing and it’s definitely better to be realistic!Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday


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