Christmas 2016: Top 5 Christmas Themed Television Episodes.

One of my favourite things about the Christmas season is the seasonal TV episodes that come out. I’ve compiled a list of my favourite Christmas themed episodes from some of my favourite tv shows.

  1. Family Guy: Road to the North Pole (S09 Ep07)
    Some of my favourite episodes of Family Guy and the ‘Road To’ episodes. They feature Stewie and Brian embarking on a fantastical adventure. Past episodes have included adventures to 1939 Poland, the BBC studios in London, and even a trip through parallel dimensions (known as the ‘Multiverse’). This adventure however, as the name suggests, is to the North Pole. Stewie is hell-bent on getting revenge on Santa (who ignored him in a shopping mall), and drags Brian with him. However, when they get there, they find that Santa’s workshop is in a sad state of events. This episode is fantastically funny, and features some brilliant musical pieces that will get stuck in your head for a good while.
  2. The Simpsons: Marge Be Not Proud (S07 Ep11)
    Now, the Simpsons has had many fantastic Christmas specials over its 28 year run. This episode, however, stands out as one of the true classic Simpsons Episodes. Desperate for the latest video game to hit the market, and with a little guidance from some older kids, Bart decides to shop lift the game from the local Try’n’Save. He is caught exiting the store and dragged into the security office for a stern talking to. A message is left on his parents answer machine, and Bart races home to change it before they get home. Bart thinks he’s gotten away with it when, despite his protests, his parents take him to the very same Try’n’Save for their christmas photo. Once there, he is harassed by the same security officer and Marge ultimately finds out his dark secret. This is a timeless classic, with quotes that will go down in the lexicon of humanity for a long time to come.
  3. Bobs Burgers: Christmas in the Car (S04 Ep08) 
    For those who haven’t seen Bobs Burgers, it focusses on a family of 5 operation a burger restaurant.This episode sees Bobs wife, Linda, putting up a Christmas tree the day after Halloween. It inevitably dies, and is replaced by another tree the day after thanksgiving. When that tree dies on Christmas eve, the family goes out to buy a new one. On the way home, they are terrorised by giant candy-cane truck; Gene tries to request a christmas song (Jingle in the Jungle) on the radio; and Bob gets treated rudely by a policeman. There’s a final showdown between Bob and the truck driver with hilarious and heartwarming results. A modern Christmas classic.
  4. The Office (US): Christmas Party (S02 Ep10)
    After a very ‘safe’ first season for the American adaptation of the Office, we start to see the show come into its own in the second season. The Christmas episode is no exception. Michael introduces a secret santa to the office, with a maximum of $20 to be spent on each gift. However, michael goes against this by buying his protegé, Ryan, a $400 video iPod. Upset that in return, he got a pair of knitted mittens from his secret santa, Michael starts a game of ‘Yankee Swap’ allowing each person in turn to pick a random present from the pile, or steal one of the gifts already opened. While all this is going on, Jim is worried that the gift he got Pam (full of personal references and in-jokes) wouldn’t make it to its intended recipient. Its Michael at his cringeworthy best, and shows just how dysfunctional this group of individuals is.
  5. Seinfeld: The Strike (S09 Ep10)
    As far as classic moments in television, Seinfeld really holds its own. The series is responsible for so much in the way of pop culture, it would have been a crime to leave it off this list. The episode I’ve chosen for this list is, in my opinion, one of the best episodes. Kramer finds out that the company he works for is no longer on strike (the strike having lasted for 12 years) because the demands for a pay rise were met (Jerry points out that the raise they were demanding is now the state’s minimum wage). George is upset when he receives a gift of a ‘donation in his name’ from an acquaintance, and decides to do the same himself, only he creates his own charity (the Human Fund: Money for People) and hands out donation cards to his colleagues. Jerry and Elaine find out about a holiday made up by Georges father called ‘Festivus’. Each year, instead of a tree, there is just a bare aluminium pole; and there are traditions such as ‘Festivus dinner’, ‘the airing of grievances’, and ‘the feats of strength’. This is an absolute must watch each festivus Christmas season, and will make you laugh just as hard each time.


Thanks for reading. More blog posts to come later this week.

Happy Festivus.

Be kind

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3 thoughts on “Christmas 2016: Top 5 Christmas Themed Television Episodes.

  1. Steve Bell

    Hey Jason,
    I think you missed one. The Greatest Christmas tv special ever. It is so bad it is good. The Star wars Christmas special.

    I would also recommend The West Wong Christmas specials. They are incredible. But I think the whole series is.


    1. tassiedad

      Have never seen Star Wars, an probably never will. I am of that age where it has no personal cultural significance to me. Haven’t watched the West Wing (or West Wong for that matter) so I can’t comment on it’s Christmas Ep. Thanks for reading though.


  2. the frenchie mummy

    I only watch one of these shows! I really need to catch up on classic tv… I used to watch the Office UK version . I think the episode you describe for the US version was quite similar. Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday.


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