We live in a world where everything is connected. Our homes, our cars, our televisions, and even our  wrist-watches are connected to the world-wide web. It’s a truly amazing age to be a part of, something that was the dreams of science-fiction merely decades ago. I use my iPhone for just about everything. Its my main connection to social media, news and current events, weather, banking, as well as being my camera.

After a mishap with Archer (using my phone to keep him entertained while grocery shopping) my phone screen ended up shattered. Whilst it was still useable (thanks to my fantastic Dog & Bone phone case), it was inconvenient to use. Only part of the screen could be read clearly, and several parts of the screen were less responsive as a result.

I decided to take it upon myself to repair only the broken glass front, as it was cheaper and I felt that I could salvage the touch sensitive panel and LCD screen from the damaged assembly. The glass front took over a month to arrive from china, and when it did arrive, the job turned out harder than expected. Needless to say, not only was I unable to salvage any parts from my broken model, I actually broke the LCD display trying to remove it.

So now, for the last week, I’ve lived life without a phone. At first, it was annoying. I had gotten so used to feeling the weight of my phone in my pocket wherever I went. But as the week went on, it’s gotten easier. For mobile only apps/services like Snapchat and Instagram, I dug out my Gen 3 iPad, and have been using that to keep connected with the people I follow on those platforms. Thankfully, as I use a MacBook, I had access to iMessage and FaceTime, so keeping in touch with family has been problem free. The only time it has been an issue, is when I was at the store and Kayla remembered something else we needed and couldn’t get in touch with me.

I’m waiting for my next pay to buy a more complete replacement for my phone screen, which is more than a week away still. I think I’ll make it, fingers crossed.

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