Another day in my life

Following on from my blog post over a year ago, Kayla and I decided to document another day in our lives. This time, however, instead of doing just 9am until 9pm, I decided to do a full day, 8am to 11pm; taking a photo every hour on the hour. So here is my day, April 6th 2016. 


8am: I started the day as I would any other day; with a strong iced coffee to wake me up. From there we got things ready to take Archer to daycare. Kayla worked on getting his lunch ready, while I dressed Archer and got him some drinks to take along.

9am: We dropped him off at the Autism Specific Early Learning & Care Centre in Burnie. You can read more about this facility in a previous blog post here. He is usually quite happy to go to daycare, and will run in happily and find his favourite toys and play with is friends, this morning was no exception. After dropping him off, we made our way to Ulverstone, the next major town along the coast. Kayla wanted to shop in Priceline (an Australian chemist chain) who had a 40% off sale on all cosmetics. We also went to an old fashioned candy store where I got some super sour candies to do a challenge video with in the future. I also couldn’t resist getting a can of American Cherry Coca-Cola for later.

10am: We were back in the car and off to Devonport, the next city along the coast, to check out their Priceline (as the one in Ulverstone didn’t have exactly what Kayla wanted).


11am: We found everything Kayla wanted, and now we were at my (and hers, admittedly) favourite store of all time: Kmart. Whist there is a Kmart closer to us in Burnie (Devonport being about 65km/40mi away from Wynyard), but the Devonport store is much nicer. While there, we picked up a wireless keyboard and mouse for our new smart television, as using the remote with it is near impossible.

12pm: We headed back home. On the road we like to listen to podcasts. Our main podcast we listen to is the Hamish & Andy show podcast. These guys have a radio program around the country between 4-6pm weekdays and the podcast is a condensed version of their show, minus the music and the advertisements (two things I hate about radio). Hamish & Andy are quite popular around the world, perhaps you’ve heard of them? Let me know in the comments if you’re a fan!

1pm: Back home briefly. I set about configuring the wireless keyboard on our television. It works perfectly! Now all we needed was an ethernet cable as our wifi isn’t the best (I purchased that a few days later, now we have YouTube, Netflix, etc on the big screen at our fingertips!)


2pm: I headed back to Burnie to pick Archer up from daycare. He was over the moon to see me, even if it took a moment for him to realise that I was there. The staff told me he’d been a good boy, had eaten all his lunch, and even drunk almost all 3 of his bottles for the day! Archer and I got in the car and set off home (Kayla, who was chatting on the phone with her mum when the time came for us to go get Archer, had opted to stay at home).

3pm: I had snuck in a quick load of washing before going to pick up Archer, and found myself outside hanging clothes on the line at 3. The day had started bleak and grey, but the afternoon brought with it sunshine and clear skies. I love the photo in the centre, and it is one that I have re-created many times on my Instagram. I think I took a couple of dozen photos at the time, finally settling on this one as the one that I upload. That large tree is slowly changing colour as the warmth of summer is pushed aside by the chills and breezes of Autumn.

4pm: Archer was still napping, having gone for a sleep soon after arriving home, and I needed a bit of a break. I sat down on the couch with my can of Cherry Coke and caught up on my social network feeds, as well as a couple of games I’ve been playing lately (blog post about this to come soon).


5pm: Whilst feeding the cats, I heard it suddenly pouring with rain. I looked up and saw it was still as clear as it was at 3. A brief sun shower, leaving an amazing sun-flare effect in the photo.

6pm: It started getting chilly, so I lit the fire. It starts getting cold earlier and earlier around this time of year. Soon I’ll be leaving the fire going 24 hours a day.

7pm: We had decided to start watching The Hunger Games series earlier in the week, as we decided to wait for all the films to come out before we started watching. After watching the first film on Monday night, we were hooked! We watched the second film, Catching Fire, on Tuesday. The third instalment, Mockingjay Pt 1, was tonights viewing. It was pretty good, not the best of the series, but helped the story reach its closure. We couldn’t wait for the final film the next night! We had decided to watch the film on my MacBook in bed, rather than on the big tv, as we’d both had a tiring day and our couch is one of the most uncomfortable pieces of furniture I’ve ever subjected my body to!5

10pm: We got a little peckish, so decided to break out some cheese and crackers. My favourite is the Mersey Valley spreadable. Its made locally in Burnie. Its a delicious, creamy cheese with a reasonable bite to it.

11pm: We decided it was time to sleep. After brushing our teeth, we set about our nightly skincare routines. I love the L’Oreal Men Expert Magnetic Charcoal cleanser. It leaves my skin so smooth and fresh feeling, its great! After that, I put on the Men Expert Hydra Energetic get moisturiser. It is non-greasy, and has a mix of caffeine and other skin rejuvenating ingredients. After that, I use the Men Expert Eye Roll. It prevents my eyes from bagging and helps reduce my crows feet.


So there it is. A day in my life! I hope you enjoyed reading this, as much as I enjoyed the day I wrote about.

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9 thoughts on “Another day in my life

  1. Mummy here and there

    Great read and nosy into someone’s life X #kcacols


    1. tassiedad

      Yeah, its always fun to have a look into others lives. Thanks for reading.


  2. Sarah

    I love these sorts of posts. My last one was a comedy (kind of) version of my usual mondays! 🙂 #KCACOLS


  3. Someone's Mum (Danielle)

    Always interesting to see others’ days! My little boy, who is 3, has autism too. Man I wish we had an autism specific daycare that we could send him to. Sounds like a great place. #KCACOLS


  4. Madeline

    I love this! Doing a ‘day in the life’ photo project is on my list of things to do, and I love the way you went about it, taking one photo every hour. Especially love the photo of the gorgeous blue sky! #KCACOLS


  5. Maria

    What a great idea for a blog post – I love being nosy and reading about what other people get up to!

    Thank you for linking up to #KCACOLS and I hope to see you back again on Sunday x


  6. tracey bowden

    Really interesting to see what other people get up to in a day. Mine would literally read got up, had cooffee, got kid to school, hit sofa and stayed there! Haha not exactly but not that exciting #kcacols


  7. A Cornish Mum

    K Mart is one of those shops I see in films all the time but doesn’t exist over here sadly!

    Stevie 🙂


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    […] a long day, and I felt that I deserved it at the time. The tweet in question was part of the ‘Another Day In My Life‘ project I did a couple of months ago. For those playing along at home, the cherry coke was […]


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