My Sunday Photo: 27 March

This is a photo of Archer on a rock. It may not seem like much to anyone else, but it means the world to me.

archer sunday photo

I consider myself quite lucky, growing up. My parents have been happily married for 30 years this September, and I’ve never felt anything but completely loved and cared for. As well as having two great parents, I am also lucky enough to have my parents still live in the house that I grew up in. The house I spent my childhood in. Sure, the house isn’t the same as it was when I was a kid. The room that was my bedroom has had a wall taken out and is now an extension of the living room/study. My brothers bedroom is now the bathroom and where the bathroom was has become the guest room. In fact, the only room in the house that is original (as much as I can remember) is my parents bedroom.

Yesterday we went out to my parents for the day. I love going there, for obvious reasons. They live in the country, in a quiet little valley on a five-acre block with chickens and a couple of beef cattle.

What makes my parents place even more special to me, is the fact that I can now share my childhood home with my son. My heart melts whenever I see him run around the places I used to when I was his age. Unfortunately, my parents are fixing to sell my childhood home towards the end of the year, so I’ll have to make the most of it while I can.


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4 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo: 27 March

  1. Kriss MacDonald

    It must have been extra special for you watching your son enjoy somewhere with such wonderful childhood memories.


  2. Photalife

    A beautiful natural photo

    Happy Easter

    Thank you for linking up


  3. Fiona - Coombe Mill

    How lovely to be back in your childhood spot and a beautiful capture of your son. Happy Easter to you all


  4. Merlinda Little (Glimmer of Hope)

    Such a sweet post! I wish I can do this too. Sharing and making new memories in the place where you grew up is special! #mysundayphoto


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