Baby-proofing: DreamBaby® Liberty Safety Gate Review

Review: DreamBaby® Liberty Tall Security Gate*

Baby-proofing our house hasn’t really been an issue, but now our little guy is 19 months old, and has been getting more and more mobile (Unlike his dad, I didn’t even crawl until I was nearly 2 years old, but more on that another day.)

Because of this, there are now times where he likes to ‘help’ around the house. For instance, he loves getting between me and the kitchen sink while I’m doing dishes; or checking if the stove is hot enough to bake with. Sometimes, we need him to not be under our feet or getting in our way.



We’d looked into a few different security gates. We wanted something that was easy to use, strong, simple to install, and obviously something for a decent price.

The DreamBaby® Liberty Tall Security Gate well and truly ticks all those boxes.


Ease of use:

The DreamBaby® Liberty gate features one-handed latch, which allows for easy opening while carrying items to and from the child’s room. To operate, simply slide back the top latch, lift the gate, and push/pull the gate. I found this extremely handy when carrying laundry and rubbish out of Archers room.

The gate also features a smart ‘stay-open’ feature, so as not to worry about having to open the gate with each passing when not in use. This is so handy, as it allows Archer to come and go from his room as he pleases, without having to compromise functionality.


Easy to install:

This product comes with everything you need to get it installed. As well as screws and plastic cups to secure the gate against the door frame, you’ll also find double sided sticky dots to keep the cups in place while you screw them in place. I chose not to use these sticky dots, as we’re renting our house. Instead, I put the gate in place an made a mark on the door frame, then screwed in the plastic cup. The gate is then pressure mounted, meaning that installing it is as easy undoing a bolt.



As well as as the top latch, there is also a lower latch for added security. As well as that, the gate is very strong. I weigh over 100kg, and I was able to lean back on the gate and have it support me. Archer just loves swinging off it, and using it to support him when he jumps up and down.


Cost affordable:

This gate, considering its height, is surprisingly well priced. The DreamBaby® Liberty gate is available from many baby supply stores and hardware shops, in the $70 – $100 price bracket. This price point makes it perfect for large houses or multi-storey houses where more than one gate is required. Coupled with its easy one handed operation, its a must for anyone considering baby-proofing their home.



*This has been a sponsored review. The product(s) reviewed were supplied by the manufacturer. All opinions and views are my own, and in no way are the thoughts and feelings of the manufacturer(s) of the reviewed product(s). Review is intended as a guide only, all purchases made for baby’s safety must be considered researched. All rights reserved, Jason Arnold, 2015.

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  1. al ferguson

    I remember talking to you about this on Twitter. Glad you found one that works for you. Not overly happy with ours! Shhhh don’t tell the wife 😉 #bigfatlinky


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