Forget Ant-Man…

New from tassiedad comics comes the latest miniature superhero:


Not really, but I’m using this platform to discuss a worrying pattern of behaviour in my 18 month old son. He has taken to relieve his teething pain on the side of his crib. Now, that may not seem all that strange, many infants do this; but not to the extent that Archer has gone to. He has taken to biting (and subsequently eating) large chunks of the timber on the side of his bed.


Just some of the damage done by the little guy.

Its not like he hasn’t got anything else to to relieve his discomfort with. He has teething rings, dummies, as well as other toys he’s decided that are perfect chew toys. We also have plenty of medication on hand for when he needs it. At this point, it almost seems that its gone beyond relieving discomfort and has just become a habit.

Has anyone else had a similar problem? Or is our child a unique Marvel that deserves his own superhero franchise?

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2 thoughts on “Forget Ant-Man…

  1. Ashley Beolens

    Holy smoke Batman that is some crazy teething marks! Sorry never experienced anything similar.


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