Review: Hoover Dog & Cat 5013PH Vacuum.

We had our old Volta vacuum for a couple of years. It was a well used hand-me-down from my parents, and for the most part, it did the job. However, the filter was well on its way out (and considering the age of the vacuum, finding the right replacement was an almost impossible task). It was also getting inconvenient having to buy disposable vacuum bags every couple of months.

Our local vacuum store was having a sale, and after having a look online I decided that it was time to upgrade the tired old Volta. I needed something that would properly eradicate the hair from our two cats, which is always embedded deep into the thick rug in the living room. The Hoover Dog & Cat was reduced from $300 down to $99, and it was too good to pass up!

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The model that I ended up getting was the turbo head model, with a powered brush head. There was also a non-powered brush head, that worked using the suction from the vacuum.

First and foremost, the amount of power in this machine is intense! The 2000w motor made light work of the job. The old machine only had a 1200w motor that had weakened with age, so having something with power was a fantastic improvement. The power head picks up even the tiniest speck of dust with little-to-no drag on the rug. The power head glided over the floor like it was nothing. The job was done in record time, and with a much cleaner result than I was used to.

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The vacuum is not only perfect for carpet, but works just as great on hard floors. I did the entire kitchen with the power head, and the vinyl came up beautiful. It even got into the corners and the kick-boards under the cupboards. The telescopic rod lays flat, so you can get to those hard to reach spaces (I did under the television cabinet for the first time in forever).

The vacuum comes with a variety of attachments. A combination floor head, for those jobs that don’t need the added oomph of the power head; a crevice tool, for getting into those tricky corners and other tight spaces; a dusting brush, that does an AMAZING job of getting rid of thick dust off my mantle; and finally an upholstery brush; for doing sofas and car seats.

On top of the powerful motor, the impressive power head, and the range of accessories, I can’t talk about this vacuum without mentioning the HEPA filtration. The filtering system of the Hoover Dog & Cat is second to none. The filter is easy to clean, and has reduced the amount of dust in my house by about half.

All in all: This is quite a decent machine for the money. If you’re after a reliable, hard working vacuum at a reasonable price; this is definitely the vacuum for you!

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2 thoughts on “Review: Hoover Dog & Cat 5013PH Vacuum.

  1. christina

    Wow! i did not know there was a vacuum specifically called ‘the dog and cat’. I have 2 cats and a dog, SO looking into that vacuum! Thank you for the helpful review!!


  2. martyn

    Ooo so interesting!! I am so blatantly looking into get this. Thanks for linking up with us on the #bigfatlinky


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