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After suffering a bit of writers block, my wife suggested we each take photos of our day and write a blog post about it. It seemed like a fun idea, and I knew that today was going to be a busy day, so we decided to do it. I decided to document 9am to 9pm.


9am: I struggled to wake up this morning. I’d been up a couple of times to see to Archer, and was feeling exhausted. I made a call to the hairdresser to get my hair cut, they had room for me at 11am. I eventually dragged myself out of bed around 9:15, and, after first getting dressed, headed to the kitchen with every intention of making myself a strong coffee to face the day.


10am: I find myself faced with a small mountain of dishes. Still no coffee at this point. I decided to remedy this, and poured myself a big strong cup. I remembered that my dad would be calling in, to put up a light in Archers room, so I called him to make sure that he wouldn’t show up while we were at the hairdresser. He wasn’t going to be in town until about 11:30, so it was perfect timing. With the coffee in my system, the next half an hour sped by, and before I knew it, we were in the car heading to town.


11am: Sitting in the barber chair. I should have got my hair cut shorter than I did, but it is still a lot less than was there in the first place. We got home, and it wasn’t long before my dad showed up. He had built a fireplace guard for us, to protect Archer from getting burnt.


12pm: Dad got the fireplace guard in place, and put the light up in Archers room. We had a coffee, and he left. After that, we headed into the city to do some shopping. Burnie is about 20 minutes away (on a good day), and while driving we listened to ‘Jay and Silent Bob Get Old’, a podcast by Kevin Smith and Jason Mews (of ‘Clerks’ fame) discussing Mews’ previous drug problems. We had to go to the local print shop, which I knew had moved location, but I didn’t know where. We drove around for a minute, found the place, and parked in the multi-story carpark nearby.


1pm: Found a pram parking space (spots designated for parents with prams). I’m so glad to have the X-Trail back from the mechanic. Its so much more convenient for getting Archer in and out of, as well as the amount of storage space in the back compared to the Ford Festiva we were using while it was away. We paid our rent, then headed to the print shop, got some images printed for wall art. As we headed back to the car, I stopped to pay for parking. I pulled out my wallet, opened it up to look for my parking ticket. It wasn’t there. I checked all my pockets, and emptied my wallet out onto the counter. It wasn’t there. I read the sign next to the machine, the last stipulation on it read “Lost ticket replacement fee: $15”. Considering that the parking was only going to be about $1 anyways, having to all of a sudden pay $15 because of my carelessness was frustrating. I walked over to the parking attendant and explained to her what had happened. She explained that the fee was $15, but asked me what time it was that I came in. I told her that it was right on 1pm, (thanks to the image above, I knew exactly when I parked!). Something about me must have seemed somewhat pathetic, because she took pity on me and only charged me the 90c that it would have been anyways. Somewhere out there in the City of Burnie is a parking ticket that is going to cost someone a lot of money if they accidentally mistake it for theirs.


2pm: Kmart! Seriously the best shop out there. We picked up some beautiful frames for our prints, and Kayla picked herself up a new bedside cabinet. After Kmart, we went to Coles (the local grocery store), and picked up a few items that we forgot to get last week. By the time we had finished at Kmart and Coles, I was starving! So hungry I was shaking and sweating. I really shouldn’t let myself get that hungry, but it happens from time to time. We decided on KFC, as it was the quickest, easiest option.


3pm: We pulled up on the foreshore to eat. Archer was in the back seat so I decided to throw some of my chips out the window to bring the seagulls for him to look at. He loves watching them. A few days ago in Devonport, we had him laughing hysterically at the birds, and he quite enjoyed watching them again today. We headed home via the local Fruit and Veg store and picked up some fresh supplies.


4pm: We got home. Kayla was keen to get the images we’d printed framed and on the wall. I couldn’t find a hammer for the hooks we bought, so I attempted to hammer in tiny nails with the back of an axe head. We got them hung up and they look fantastic. We decided to have a rest for a little bit.


5pm: Time to catch up with the days news. Unfortunately, there isn’t any local news on television in Tasmania until 6pm, so I made do with Melbourne eyewitness news. This picture looks really old, with the CRT television and the playstation 2. I assure you, it was taken today. I just don’t see the need to upgrade if what we have works fine.


6pm: Pepsi time! Well, Pepsi Max. I enjoyed this while watching the local news. I also did a load of Archers washing, as he was running low on outfits (I mustn’t let it get that bad again). I also lit the wood heater, as it was getting a bit on the cool side.


7pm: There is nothing on TV from about 7pm, so I decided to go and have a shower to wash the cut hair out of my non-cut hair. At 7:30, My Kitchen Rules started, a show that we never miss. Myself and Kayla settled on the couch to watch the West Australian team take out the highest score ever in the cooking competition.


8pm: My Kitchen Rules has been paused momentarily, while Kayla talks to her mother on the phone. We resumed with the WA team cooking very impressive looking Thai food. All the comments from the judges seem positive, and when it comes around to receiving the scores, they get 4 consecutive 10/10s from the judges, as well as a 10 from one of the other teams. They ended up with a score of 98/110, beating the score of 95 from last years Victorian team.


9pm: MKR is over, and I switch over to catch American Dad while I check out what is happening on twitter. We go to bed shortly afterwards.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed following me around for a day. Is this something you would like to see more of? I had a blast doing it, and would love to make it a regular thing if people are interested.

You can see Kaylas day over on her blog, I recommend it (she takes much nicer photos than I do).

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  1. Kayla

    You didn’t take any pictures of archer what to heck???


  2. Stu

    Can’t beat a bit of Kevin Smith anything. Great read dude. Thanks for sharing.,


  3. martyn

    Thanks for linking up with us on the #bigfatlinky
    Great read and one that shows us your day. 🙂


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